HOBAS Press Releases


  • 50 Years of IFAT: HOBAS Brings NC Line On Stage [download]


  •  Record-Size Microtunneling with HOBAS Pipes De 3270 in Warsaw [download]
  • Double Celebration at the HOBAS TechCenter [download]
  • HOBAS CC-GRP Culverts DN 3000 Jacked Under Railway in Cikowice, Poland [download]
  • HOBAS Presents Top Quality Trenchless Solutions at the NO DIG Berlin 2015 [download]


  • HOBAS XXL Tank DN 3600 Protects Dąbrowa Górnicza in Poland Against Floods [ download ]
  • No Dig, No Doubt: HOBAS Supports No-Dig Madrid 2014 [download]
  • HOBAS Inspires Visitors at the No-Dig Madrid 2014 [download]
  • HOBAS Overflow Systems for Combined Sewers and Storage Systems [download
  • HOBAS Storage System as Part of a Highway Drainage System in Poland [download]
  • HOBAS Presents Pressure Jacking Pipes OD 3270 and CSO Chamber at IFAT 2014 [download]
  • Trenchless Installation of HOBAS Protection Pipes beneath Rail Tracks in Hong Kong [download]
  • HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pipes Premiere in Dubai, UAE [download]


  • Singapore‘s First Jacking Project with HOBAS Pipes [download
  • Technical Article: Curved Jacking of HOBAS Centrifugally Cast GRP Pipes [download]
  • Ahead of the Curve with HOBAS - Optimal Penstock Alignment with GRP Pipe Systems [download]
  • More Green Energy in Sri Lanka with HOBAS GRP [download]
  • HOBAS Hydropower in the Rainforest, Sri Lanka [download]
  • HOBAS Penstock in Chile [download]
  • Green talk with HOBAS Environment, Energy and Safety Expert Victor Vladimirov [download]
  • HOBAS Australia is the only pipe supplier Down Under to sell carbon neutral pipes [download]


  • Pushing for Success with HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pipes [download]
  • Crossing the Railway with HOBAS Products - Interview with Duco van Rijsbergen (DVR),  Head of Customer Service, HOBAS Benelux [download]
  • Microtunneling HOBAS GRP Culverts under E65 Railway Line in Poland [download]
  • Auger Boring Small Diameter HOBAS GRP Pipe Beneath Dutch Railway [download]


  • Microtunneling HOBAS Jacking Pipes for a Combined Sewage Collector in Rennes [download]
  • HOBAS Wins ISTT No Dig Award with “Czajka” [download]
  • Developments in Trenchless Installation in Poland [download]
  • HOBAS Multiple Pump Shaft for the Renaturation of the Lausitz Region, Germany [download]
  • HOBAS Pipe Sliplined Under Highway and Railroad in the US [download]


  • HOBAS Pipes DN 1800 as Transfer Collector to a Stormwater Basin in France [download]
  • HOBAS Pipes as Auxiliary Static Support and Drainage System for the new Intra-Urban Train Tunnel, CH [download]
  • HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pressure Pipes Are Part of Venice’s Major Environmental Plan [download]
  • HOBAS Restrained Pressure Pipes for Waste Water Treatment at the French Atlantic Coast [download]
  • Helleren Hydropower Station in Norway Received a Durable HOBAS Penstock [download]
  • HOBAS XXL Pipes OD 3000 Jacked under Warsaw [download]


  • Renovation of a Sewer Main with HOBAS Non-circular Pipes in Strasbourg [download]
  • HOBAS Jacking Pipes Help Protect Hawaii’s Beaches [download]
  • Trenchless Renovation with HOBAS Non-circular pipes in Dresden, Germany [download]
  • HOBAS GRP Pipes as Protection for LNG Pipeline at Isle of Grain Power Station [download]
  • Economic Microtunneling with HOBAS Jacking Pipe Systems in Krakow, Poland [download]
  • HOBAS Sewer Pipes along the Mediterranean Coast in Slovenia [download]
  • Microtunneling HOBAS CC-GRP Pipes in Rome, Italy [download]
  • Cancéropôle Realized with HOBAS CC-GRP Stormwater System, FR [download]
  • VOEST Alpine in Austria Sets on HOBAS Hydro Power Pipe Systems [download]
  • Relining HOBAS Cooling Pipes in Bremen, Germany [download]


  • HOBAS is Reaching for the Stars - 2007 was the best year in HOBAS History [download]


  • A New Manager for a Global Player [download]