HOBAS obrázky a loga

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Award Winning HOBAS Jacking Project Czajka, PL
Curved Jacking with HOBAS Pipes in Paris, FR
HOBAS GRP Pipes Jacked under Russian Railways
XXL HOBAS Pipes De 3600 Jacked Beneath Rail, PL
HOBAS Jacking Pipes Premiere in Hong Kong
HOBAS Potable Water Jacking Project in Montenegro
HOBAS Jacking Pipes as Static Support, Zurich, CH
HOBAS Jacking Pipes for a Drainage System in Australia
Air Cushion Siphon of HOBAS Pipes in Germany
HOBAS Pressure Jacking Pipes for a Sea Outlet, BG
HOBAS Pipes for Sea Outlet Mangalia, RO
HOBAS Pipes for a Sea Outlet in Velden, AT
HOBAS Drainage System for Presidential Palace, UAE
HOBAS Bridge Drainage Brenner Bridge, AT
HOBAS Potable Water Tank in Pitomača, HR
HOBAS Emergency Tank for Incineration Plant, FI
HOBAS Potable Water Tank Puergg, AT
HOBAS Non-Circular (NC) Profiles in Brussels, BE
Trenchless Renovation with HOBAS NC Line in Germany
HOBAS Venting Pipes at Zurich Zoo, CH
HOBAS Non-Circular (NC) Pipes in Quebec, CA
HOBAS Hydropower Pipeline in Guatemala
HOBAS Hydropower Pipeline in Chile
HOBAS Hydropower Pipeline in Sri Lanka
Feeder at the HOBAS Factory in Wietersdorf, Austria
HOBAS Research and Development Center (TechCenter)
HOBAS Fittings Production in Romania


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