HOBAS GRP Gravity Pipes for New Sewer System in Libava, CZ

Projekt ID: [019012]
Země: Czech Republic
Město: Libava
Rok: 2015 - 2016
Odpadní voda
Instalace: Instalace do země výkopem
Celková délka [m]: 5142
Jmenovitý průměr DN [mm]: 250 | 300
Vnější průměr De [mm] 272 | 324
Jmenovitý tlak PN [bar]: 1
Jmenovitá tuhost SN [N/m²]: 10000
Klíčová slova: Gravitační kanalizace | Odstředivě lite potrubí

New HOBAS Sewer System Installed During Cold Winter Season, CZ

No winter sleep needed: Despite temperatures below the freezing point, the municipality of Libava could be provided with a new GRP sewer network. HOBAS made it happen. 

Libava is a small town at the foot of the the Hrubý Jeseník (High Ash Mountains) in the east of the Czech Republic. In 2014, it was decided that the local sewer system had to be renovated: It was aged and in need of repair and also had to be expanded to meet the requirements of the 550 inhabitants. Since Libava had still been part of a military settlement at that time (before becoming its own municipality in January 2016), the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic put the project out to tender. The design office IROP Engineering from Olomouc was awarded the contract. 

A geological survey performed on site revealed quite challenging project conditions: The groundwater level was high, the soil unstable, and there were considerable slopes on the area. Moreover, the installation in open trench would have to continue throughout the chilly winter months. All in all, the situation called for a durable and reliable pipe material – and HOBAS had the ideal solution for this challenge. The centrifugally cast GRP gravity pipes can easily cope with temperatures well below the freezing point and are also perfectly resistant to groundwater infiltrations thanks to the FWC couplings‘ double sealing lips.  

828 m HOBAS GRP Gravity Pipes DN 250 and 4314 m DN 300 were supplied to the construction site. Installation works started in October 2015 and were successfully completed in June 2016 by the construction company IMOS Group Inc. Zlin. Libava’s inhabitants are now pleased about their new, smoothly operating HOBAS Sewer System. 

  • HOBAS GRP Gravity Pipes for New Sewer System in Libava, CZ

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